Sport Dodge - 11 yr Active Duty Disabled Vet. denied rebated at last minute!

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My wife & I went to a Dodge dealership ( in Egg Harbor Township, NJ)to purchase a 2013 Dodge Charger Black Roof package vehicle for the price that I & the salesman agreed on (we agreed on $32,000.00) & I would have to pay the tax & tags.Prior to us agreeing on the price the salesman asked me if I was a USAA member?

I said yes, He asked me if I was in the military? I told him that I was in the Army for over 11 years but was put out on an honorable medical discharge & that I am a Disabled Veteran. After spending another half a day at the dealership and having my insurance company (USAA)put the new vehicle on my insurance and print out the blank check from USAA for the salesman to fill out and fax back, I was told by a manager at that dealership that Dodge would not honor my 11 years of service in the Army or accept my 60% disability rating (because I am not 100% disabled)I was literally less than 5 minutes away from signing for the car and this is when I was told that it would cost me another $500.00 !!!! all because Dodge would honor my sacrifices I gave this country and the 11 years I spent in the Active Army ????

I strongly feel that this should be seriously reconsidered and something should change to help our Veterans and Disabled Veterans (like me). I expect the $500.00 rebate and for all my wasted time and inconvenience I highly suggest somebody offers me something to make up for this.

I will be anxiously awaiting for a response back.I am seriously considering taking this to our local TV 40 Channel News Station.But wanted to give Dodge every chance to explain themselves and a chance to make up for it before I chose to do so.Here is my name and number Roger Dutch (609) 432-5998.

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You do not deserve a discount anymore than anyone else does.No one forced you to be in the military.

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